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Style > Get to know Sonia Greenslade, Our in-store Stylist

Get to know Sonia Greenslade, Our in-store Stylist

2 February 2015

Get to know Sonia Greenslade, Our in-store Stylist

Our in-store Stylist

Foss & Kruger are super lucky to be working with one of the most respected Fashion stylists in NZ, Sonia Greenslade. Sonia’s background is in fashion magazine, TV, film and dressing many celebrities in the acting, presenting and music industries, so it is fantastic to have her as our in-house stylist at F & K. With Sonia’s knowledge of current trends and more importantly her ability to be able to dress any figure type and make them look amazing we feel we are bringing a whole new shopping experience to our ladies that love fashion.

Get to know Sons, with a quick Q&A

What was the last thing that gave you warm fuzzies? 
S: I get the warm fuzzies often, it’s usually kindness & animals.

Who inspires you?  
 Lots of people inspire me for different reasons , but in my world, Gui Taccetti (photographer) totally inspires me, he feeds my brain creatively!

Describe your typical day as a stylist. 
Being a freelance fashion stylist means no days are ever the same which I love. On a styling job, my typical day includes , liaising  with editors , meeting with art directors about the shoot, selecting models,  lots of sourcing ,shopping, and basically buzzing around constantly like a blue ass fly...

Describe your perfect day off? 
Sleep in, then a long lunch in the sun in great company, then a well-deserved siesta in my hammock with my cat.

What is your most worn pieces in your wardrobe and why? 
My black Junkfood jeans or Day pants with a white tee and sneakers, and my Day leather jacket. Why, because they are just awesome comfortable classic  staples.

What are three things you can’t live without? 
My parents, my beautiful friends & my cat

Where are your favourite places to go with your friends in Auckland? 
S: away to a bach or a beach or just at each others houses.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?  
S: Always be  yourself & judge no one...

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