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News > Button Up with Rabens Saloner

Button Up with Rabens Saloner

16 April 2015

Rabens Saloner Shirt

When it comes to this staple the sky’s the limit and the styles are infinite. Best button-down shirts this season to take you anywhere and save you from any style predicament are: the denim button-down, the white button-down, the stripe button-down, the black one, the blue one and maybe the plaid one. A pair of ripped jeans, loose cutoffs and some heels and you’re set for a chic style. Go for smart trousers or pencil skirts for office outfits. Rabens Saloner has the perfect button down shirts in store now at Foss & Kruger.

Birgitte Raben Olrik is the designer of the much loved bohemian Danish label Rabens Saloner, personality is important in her clothing and she wants women to feel good in her brand.

When you carry a garment from Rabens Saloner, you stand out. If not by the design, then by the luxurious fabrics, that are often handmade and hand-dyed by small artisans in Asia. It’s an ever-developing journey for Birgitte to find and work with new, exciting people that help create her universe.