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News > Føss & Krüger goes Online!

Føss & Krüger goes Online!

31 January 2015

Føss & Krüger goes Online!

Well, it’s no small feat getting your website up and going is it!?  But I’m stoked I’m sitting here writing my first blog. Awesome!

It feels good to be able to welcome you here where we can show off our amazing labels and collections, key looks for the season, and most importantly offer you an easy way to shop (god, we all have busy lives don’t we?!!)  So instead of rushing around in your time out of the office or dragging kids into store, you can now buy your clothing online! You can also get styling help where & whenever you need it. Chat to us about what you need, and we’ll sort you out.  You’ll also be hearing from us with monthly blogs, and of course I would love to hear your thoughts and see your pics on anything relative that we would be interested in. Also please feel free to give us feedback on the new site.

Talk soon!

Megan Walls
Director of Foss & Kruger and Maudella